Detailed step by step process to connect WhatsApp Pay with Serri & collect payments right on WhatsApp

Detailed step by step process to connect WhatsApp Pay with Serri & collect payments right on WhatsApp

Wish to showcase your product catalogues & sell products right on WhatsApp?

Well, with the latest introduction of WhatsApp Pay to Serri , you can now collect payments right on WhatsApp.

Follow these steps to connect WhatsApp pay with Serri  and start collecting payments right on WhatsApp.

How to connect WhatsApp Pay with Serri ?

1. Go to WA Pay in the Serri  app & tap Settings

2. Under payment details, choose Razorpay & click on Explore tutorials to get your Payment configuration name

3. Click the Facebook link & log in to your Facebook business account

4. Click the link under "Add Direct Payment method to WhatsApp account"

5. On the next screen, click "Add direct pay method"

5. Copy your WhatsApp Business account (WABA) ID

6. Paste WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) ID

After adding the ID, add your payment method name which you can choose according to your convenience.

Next, you need to add your Merchant Category Code (MCC) & Purpose Code which you can get from your payment gateway.

After adding the required information, click Next.

8. Under "Add payment method", choose "Payment Gateway" & select Razorpay

9. Enter your Facebook password & press Confirm

10. On the next screen, log in to your Razorpay account

11. Authorize WhatsApp pay to access the Razorpay account

12. Copy this Payment Configuration Name

13. Come back to Serri  Dashboard & paste the Payment Configuration name and press Save

14. Next, click on Setup payment message which will trigger whenever a user adds products to their carts and proceeds to checkout

15. Setup the Payment template message

Follow the same steps you do while creating a WhatsApp template message. Add the Template name, choose your product type, template body.

Now, add the tax rate that you wish to charge the user. You can select whether the price of your product is tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive.

If you choose tax inclusive, tax won't be charged while if you choose tax exclusive here, tax will be charged from the user.

You can also add the expiry duration of your payment link (in seconds). If you add 300 here, your payment link will expire after 5 minutes.

16. Add Tax information

In case you wish to levy tax on your products, add the tax rate, tax description (GST or other taxes), shipping charges (in Rupees) & the discount amount (fixed or in percentage).

Verify your message & press Submit.

17. Congratulations!! Your WhatsApp Pay process has been configured successfully ⚡️