Setup auto Welcome & Off-hours messages in Serri

Setup auto Welcome & Off-hours messages in Serri

Do you want to automatically send Welcome & off-hours messages to users?

By setting up Welcome & off-hours auto-replies, you ensure that a user immediately receives a message from your end depending on the time they connect with you.

In this article, we'll tell you how to set up Auto replies for Welcome & Off-hours in Serri  App.

How to set up Auto resolve Chats in Serri  App?

1. Go to Live Chat settings

To set up a Welcome / Off-hours message, go to Manage & choose Live Chat settings.

In Live Chat settings, enable Welcome & Off-hours messages as shown in the below image.

Make sure to turn on the Enable button if you wish to automate the auto-replies.

2. Configure Welcome & Off-hours message

After enabling Welcome & off-hours messages, let's configure the message you wish the user to receive.

Hit the Configure button to configure the messages.

3. Configure Welcome Message

Let's first set up a Welcome auto-reply message.

This message will be automated to users that message you during your set working hours.

You can either choose a pre-approved message or create a Regular message to automate to users.

You can choose whether to send a text message, an image message or even send a file for your welcome text.

After configuring the message, click on Save Configuration to save your message.

4. Configure Off-hours message

Repeat the same process to set up your off-hours message.

This message will be automated to users that message you outside your set working hours.

5. Set Timezone & working hours

Last, select your preferred timezone & working hours of your business.

Your users will receive the message based on the timezone you choose.

In the below image, if a user messages you between 10 AM - 7 PM from Monday to Saturday, they'll receive a welcome message.

However, if they message you anytime outside this timeframe, let's say 8 PM on a Tuesday, they'll receive an off-hours message.

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