Step-by-step guide to integrate WebEngage with Serri

Step-by-step guide to integrate WebEngage with Serri

Wish to Broadcast messages directly from the WebEngage Dashboard?

You can do this easily with the Serri  WebEngage integration.

In this doc, we'll discuss the step-by-step process you can follow to integrate WebEngage with Serri .


To integrate WebEngage with Serri , you need the WebEngage API Key. You can get this key from WebEngage's support.

So, before you start the integration process, connect with WebEngage's support & ask them to provide you with the API key.

Got the key?

Now, let's connect your WebEngage Dashboard with Serri  to enable Broadcasting directly via the WebEngage app.

Steps to connect WebEngage with Serri ?

1. In WebEngage Dashboard, go to Integrations

First, go to your WebEngage Dashboard & go to Integrations.

Now, click the three dots below Actions.

2. Choose 'Private WSP' under WhatsApp Service Provider

On the next screen, choose 'Private WSP' under WhatsApp Service Provider.

Under Configuration Name, fill in any name that you wish to remember the integration.

Next, add the number on which you've got your WhatsApp Business API approved.

Under URL, add this same URL (common for all businesses) 👉 https://backend.Serri .com/web-engaged/t1/webengaged-messages

Under Request Type, choose the option Send Personalization Variables.

When you choose the above option, a new field will open up with the name Custom Headers.

There, enter the exact phrase "authorizationKey" in the first box & go to Serri  Dashboard & follow the steps mentioned below.

3. Regenerate & copy WebEngage Key

To move forward with the integration, you'll need the WebEngage Key from Serri  Dashboard.

Go to Serri 👉Integrations👉WebEngage👉Regenerate Key👉Copy Key

4. Paste the Key into WebEngage Dashboard

Come back to WebEngage Dashboard & paste the WebEngage key under custom headers.

Click Add WSP to add Serri  as your WhatsApp Service Provider.

5. Click on 'View Webhook URL'

Next, press the three dots under Actions & click View Webhook URL.

A screen will pop-up with the Webhook URL which you need to copy.

6. Paste both the WebEngage Keys into Serri  Dashboard

After copying the Webhook URL, come back to the Serri  Integrations page. Here, paste the Webhook URL as well as the WebEngage API Key that you need to get from WebEngage support team.

After adding both keys, click Submit. You've successfully connected WebEngage with Serri .

Now, let's go ahead & create your first WhatsApp Template in the WebEngage Dashboard.

7. Go to Integrations & click '+' to create a New Template message

To create a WhatsApp Template message, go to Integrations & click '+' to create a new Template message.

8. Configure the template exactly as it is in Serri  App

On the next screen, pick a pre-approved template message from Serri  App that will be sent to a user. Add details like:

1. WhatsApp Service Provider (WSP)- Here, choose Serri  (Private).

2. Template Type- Choose the message type you want to send. Here, we'll be sending a simple text message.

3. Template Name- Copy the Template Name exactly as it appears in Serri  App & paste it here.

4. Template Text- Copy the approved Template Message Text from Serri  App & paste it here.

4. Template Language- Choose the preferred language of your Template Message.

After configuring these details, press "Add Template"

Now, go to Serri  & create a Template message with the exact same details.

9. Ensure both templates are the same

Make sure that all the fields including Template Type, Template name, Template text, language, Buttons & the Button text are the same as in the Serri  Dashboard.

10. Now, click on WhatsApp & press '+' to create a new campaign

It's time to launch your first WhatsApp Campaign.

Go to the WhatsApp section in the WebEngage app & click + to create a new campaign.

Note: To send the Campaign, you need to choose the audience, pick a time to send the Broadcast & pick the template message.

11. Add variable values & press 'Save & continue'

Next, add variable values that will replace the parameters ( {{1}} ).

12. Verify campaign details & Launch the campaign

Verify your Campaign details once & if everything seems fine, click 'Launch Campaign'.

Note: To send the Campaign, you need to choose the audience, pick a time to send the Broadcast & pick the template message.

13. Message received on WhatsApp

Congratulations 🎊🥳️

You just launched your first WhatsApp Broadcast by integrating WebEngage with Serri .