Telegram Integration with Serri OS

Telegram Integration with Serri OS

Step 1 Create your Custom Bot

  1. Open your Telegram App/Webapp, search for @BotFather, and Click on Start.

  2. Text the BotFather account "/newbot". Then give your Bot a Name (This is the display name)

  1. Give your bot a username, It must end with ‘bot’. For example “Serri_bot”

  2. Copy your bot token which the BotFather has texted you.


  3. Now message BotFather "/setprivacy" and It will ask you to select your bot, Message BotFather with the bot username, Also mention '@' before the bot name. For example “@Serri_bot”

  4. Message “Disable” to BotFather and Paste “Bot Token” into the text field and click on Save


Your Integration is completed!