Check out how you can delete Contacts easily in Serri App.

Check out how you can delete Contacts easily in Serri App.

Want to know how to delete contacts in Serri  App?

Currently, you can't permanently delete contacts in Serri  App.

But, we have a better alternative using which you won't need to delete your contacts.

You can:

  • Reimport contacts (contacts will update automatically & no duplicate contacts will form)

  • Opt-out uninterested users (these users won't receive your Broadcasts)

Note: In case you wish to delete contacts who are not on WhatsApp, then you don't need to do the extra work. WhatsApp doesn't charge for Conversations

Reimport Contacts

If you imported contacts with the wrong details, you can reimport these contacts with the correct information & the details will update automatically on Serri  Dashboard.

Rest assured! The contacts won't duplicate.

The earlier entered information will disappear & get updated with the latest one keeping your contacts section clean & ready to Broadcast.

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Opt-out users/ Assign an Opt-out Tag

If you have uninterested contacts who don't want to receive WhatsApp updates, you can opt them out of future updates directly from their Chat profiles.

When you opt-out contacts in Serri , they'll automatically be opted out of future communications.

Here's how to do it:

  • Opt-out users whom you don't wish to send WhatsApp Updates

Once you've opted out a user, they won't show while sending a WhatsApp Broadcast.

Just ensure that while filtering the contacts, you've enabled Broadcasting only for Opted-in contacts. As shown in below image:

This will ensure that you don't send messages to opted-out users.

  • Assign an Opt-out tag

You can create a custom tag to remove uninterested users from your Broadcast list.

So, let's say you create a tag dnd.

Now, assign this tag to people whom you wish to not send Broadcast on WhatsApp.

Now, while sending the Broadcast, just select this filter under attributes:

Under attributes, choose Tags👉not has👉dnd when you send a Broadcast. This will automatically filter out the users who have the tag dnd.

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