How to disable 2 Factor Authentication to migrate to Serri

How to disable 2 Factor Authentication to migrate to Serri

Looking to switch to Serri  from your current WhatsApp Business API provider?

Great decision!!

The first thing you need to do to migrate from another platform to Serri  is disable the 2 Factor Authentication of your current WhatsApp API provider.

In this article, we'll tell you the steps you need to follow to disable 2 FA of your current API provider & shift to Serri .

Steps to disable 2 Factor Authentication

1. Go to Facebook Business Settings & click 'WhatsApp accounts'

First, go to Business Settings in your Facebook Business Manager by clicking this link -

Now, click on WhatsApp accounts & choose the WhatsApp Business API account you wish to migrate to Serri .

2. Go to Settings & click WhatsApp Manager

Next, in WhatsApp Accounts, go to settings as shown in the below image.

Here, you need to verify that your WhatsApp API provider is listed under the Payment Method.

If it's not there, don't worry! You can still continue to the next step.

Now click on WhatsApp Manager.

3. Click the link under the Phone number

Now, you need to choose the Phone number you wish to migrate.

If you have multiple WhatsApp Business API accounts, choose the one you wish to migrate to Serri .

Note: If the phone number is not visible, go to your WhatsApp Business API provider & ask them to disable the 2-factor verification from their end.

4. Verify your Profile

Next up, verify your profile & click Two-step verification to disable 2FA.

5. Turn off the Two-step verification

Under two-step verification, click Turn off two-step verification to disable the 2 FA.

In case the Turn off two-step verification button is greyed out, follow the step mentioned in the next section.

6. Click the link received in your Business Mail

After clicking Turn off two-step verification, you'll receive an email on your registered email ID.

Find the link to disable 2 Factor authentication in your registered email ID.

7. Click disable 2FA

Disable the 2 Factor authentication by clicking the button Turn off two-step verification.

9. Connect with Serri  Support once done

Once the 2FA is disabled successfully, connect with Serri support via Call, WhatsApp & email to complete the migration process.

What to do if the "Turn off two-step Verification" button is greyed out?

If you haven't verified your email in Business settings, you might find the Turn-off two-step Verification button greyed out.

To enable it, you need to verify your email.

Click the verification link that'll show on the page to enable the button.

After verifying your email, you'll see the 2-Factor Authentication button enabled.