Steps to integrate Clevertap with Serri

Steps to integrate Clevertap with Serri

Wish to connect your CleverTap Dashboard with Serri ?

Serri  now has a native integration with CleverTap CRM allowing you to directly send WhatsApp Broadcasts to your users from your Clevertap Dashboard directly.

All you need to do is follow some simple steps to connect CleverTap with Serri  & see the magic happen.

How to integrate CleverTap with Serri ?

1. In CleverTap Dashboard, go to Settings

2. Under Channels, click on "WhatsApp" and tap the "+Provider button"

3. In provider credentials select "Generic (others)"

By default, the provider will appear as CleverTap. Change it to "Generic (Others)"

4. Now, enter a nickname & WhatsApp API number connected with Serri 

Next, add a name and the WhatsApp Business API number connected with Serri . Under Request type choose POST and paste this exact URL under HTTP End Point.

HTTP End Point: https://backend.Serri .com/clever-tap/t1/messages

5. Scroll down & click on "Headers"

6. Under Key write "authentication"

Under Value, you need to paste the Headers key which you will get from the Serri  Dashboard as explained in the next step.

7. In Serri  Dashboard, go to Integrations👉CleverTap👉Click Regenerate Key under CleverTap Header Key

Here, paste the Delivery Report Callback URL & Inbound Message Callback URL from the CleverTap Dashboard.

After doing this, press Submit in Serri  Dashboard.

8. Copy & paste the Headers key in CleverTap Dashboard & press Save

That's it!!

Congratulations🎉. Your CleverTap Dashboard is now integrated with Serri .

You can easily Broadcast messages on WhatsApp directly from CleverTap Dashboard easily.